Thank God I Married An Alcoholic

God has created in mankind a desire for life, and the desire to have it more abundantly.

We all know, however, that trials, troubles, health concerns, family and relation problems can come our way.

This book tells the true story of how these difficulties were handled in a way that saw them overcome and caused one to blossom like a rose.

Truly revealing how God can turn all things to good, and how He can make all things beautiful in His time.

The words within are written to give hope, encouragement, and faith for the reader to come to truly know God’s love and His enabling abundant grace that causes us to walk stronger and enjoy life. Amen!

What Others Say...

This book by Audrey Mabley is very gripping, and will give hope to many who need freedom and wholeness in their lives. … If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.– Pastor Ed Hird

It has been an invigorating read. Her life is a reflection of what God can do through a committed, repented vessel. — Michael Scantlebury-Apostle | Dominion–Life International Ministries

Audrey exemplifies what is meant by ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” — Steve Almond | The Light Magazine

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple but no one can tell you how many apples are in a seed. This book will plant many more seeds. — Stuart Spani | Norlynn Audio Visual Services

She is deeply grounded in prayer and seeks to minister with signs following.   Audrey has established a track record of honesty, integrity and sensitivity to the Lord from which she ministers as of the ability God gives. — Lionel C. Batke | Release Ministries Society

Book Introduction by Rev. Mabley

Growing up believing that I was ugly and that my father hated me took a toll on my self-esteem. When I discovered that Father God loved me, however, a delightful, refreshing love relationship began.

Growing in grace enabled me to go through life’s ups and downs in God’s strength, and to live and enjoy the true life Father sent Jesus to give me.

“Soldiering on”is a battle cry at times, but seeing the fruit of labours is worth it all. Amen!

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