Weekly Sunday

We feed approximately 35 people with a hot lunch on Sunday.

Every Fridays about 150 downtown Eastside Hastings and Main Street, receive food, fellowship and uplifting music with singing.

We have periodic larger community outreach dinners and feeding events that have included feeding 500 chicken dinner at downtown Eastside.

Eternity Club - Feeding and Good Samaritan Ministry


Invitations are extended to about 100 people from the food bank for full turkey dinner with pies for desert.

We purchase and wrap nice gifts for their children. We help needy families servicing them with love, kindness and a smile.

Eternity Club - Feeding and Good Samaritan Ministry

Feed Families

When a family is destitute, we supply them with groceries or food vouchers.

We encourage community involvement and give hope for people’s lives.

We endeavour to love them like family and support them in becoming responsible citizens.

Funds will be used to buy food as well as a share of rent of our buildings, telephones, office supplies, postage and salaries.

Support Meetings

Addictions, Mental and Dysfunctional Challenges

We have 12 steps ‘support’ meetings that help with addictions, emotion problems and other dysfunction challenges, and just handling life and COVID-19!

We also provide one-on-one counselling. We endeavour to teach folks how to cope better with life and contribute to society.

We help people to become responsible adults by providing positive moral leadership, by example and by teaching.

What Others Say...

William J. Copeland | Former Mayor | Burnaby, BC, Canada

I am pleased to be able to give my support as Mayor of Burnaby to the Eternity Club founded by the Reverend Audrey Mabley.  We are fortunate to have a club such as the Eternity Club, which dedicates itself to providing support to those who need it.

Fred Randall | Former MLA | Burnaby- Edmonds, BC, Canada

The Eternity Club hosts many programs (feeding programs, prayer and counselling, a caring church, and radio program). The club is a friendly caring ministry. Their founder claims people need to know they’re loved by God and that someone cares.

Lionel C. Batke | President | Release Ministries Society

Audrey has established a track record of honesty, integrity and sensitivity to the Lord from which she ministers as of the ability God gives.

B.C. Government Appreciation

MLA Katrina Chen, MLA for Burnaby-Lougheed presenting Rev. Audrey Mabley the B.C. government Appreciation Certificate for Eternity Club’s 40 years of Community Service.

Transport and Unexpected Expenses

We also help with transportation and other unexpected expenses that may come up.

Some examples are:

  • A man that had several heart attacks and a stroke needed eye surgery and was planning to take a bus to the hospital and then back home, we were able to provide door-to-door transportation for him.
  • A lady on disability whose car needed the brakes fixed so she could get to her medical appointments etc. We assisted her with getting the repairs completed.
  • A man that was a security guard suffered a concussion at work and needed help to pay some expenses and we were able to assist him until he received some compensation funds.
Eternity Club - Feeding and Good Samaritan Ministry

There are so many people that seem to fall between the cracks so to speak and there may be no other fund for their particular need and we try to step in as we are able.

We administer help to the ‘working poor’ folks! Rents so high. Granting food vouchers so they can eat healthier. At times help with rent shortage.

We also mail out a monthly newsletter highlighting our events with encouraging words to help people cope and be aware that they are special and loved and that someone does care.

We actually get letters and calls to say thank-you for the encouragement and that is such a joy!