Great Testaments of God’s Healing Power and Answer to Prayers


Eternity Club - Inspiring Stories

Health Miracle

Pearl G. was diagnosed with four types of arthritis and several health issues including facial neuralgia, migraine headache and deterioration of the spine when she came to Eternity Club fellowship.

Her illnesses had confined her to a wheelchair for 15 months. She suddenly got out of the wheelchair and walk when she was prayed for at Eternity Club fellowship.

Jean G. in California contacted our prayer team when her doctor advised her that she has cancer. A month or so later she met with the prayer team to announce the good news that she has been healed.

Recovery from Cancer
A team worker’s relative was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the brain and lungs. Within 3 months of prayers and claiming God’s word in Jeremiah 33:6 where God said I will bring health, healing and cure you and reveal unto you the abundance of peace and truth – and after some treatment, the cancer was totally dormant!

The family is trusting God the cancer will never return and we claim in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s word in Nehemiah 1:9 that the same affliction will not strike twice. Praise God forever more.

Eye Issue
A.M. was scheduled for retina/cataract surgery. After much prayers and claiming God’s healing promises, she went to the hospital for her scheduled operation.

Her specialist ordered a final eye scan before the procedure. Following the scan, he told her that she has a healthy retina and do not have to touch her eye.

The surgery was cancelled. God answered her prayers and honoured His word that was claimed for victory.

Knee Injury
Rev. Audrey Mabley was hit on her left knee by a 90 pound, running dog. Sometime later, while walking down her stairs, she heard a tearing sound in her left knee.

She collapsed and ended in the hospital. An MRI scan showed a torn meniscus. The doctor said the injury will never heal, but she chose to believe God’s word.

By the stripes of Jesus Christ she was healed. She continued to pray and claim God’s healing words and had others agree with her.

The following Sunday she preached sitting in a wheelchair and even did a revival healing service telling her congregation that she would soon be wheelchair-free.

A week later, she was preaching holding on to a walker, and the third week she was walking with a cane and shortly after she was cane-free. Meanwhile, surgery was scheduled for her knee injury.

She visited her surgeon who is a Christian, and told him that she no longer has a walking problem. The surgery was put on hold. A year and a half later, she asked the surgeon for an MRI scan to prove the Lord healed her knee. A scan was scheduled.

With great excitement, the surgeon called her on Friday after office hours to inform her that her meniscus was healed. At 75 years old, Rev. Audrey Mabley is still walking. Praise God! He answered prayers and honoured his word with healing.

John S., a faithful servant of the Lord never missed a Sunday service in over 17 years setting up and operating the sound system.

He was in dire need of a decent place to live. God answered his prayers and honoured his faithfulness with a BC Housing bachelor apartment.

A miracle indeed as there are about 2,000 people on the BC Housing wait list.

When God is going to do something wonderful, he begins with a challenge. If he is going to do something amazing, he begins with an impossibility.— Anonymous



  • M.M. needed to get into a treatment centre, waiting period at least 2 weeks and cost $5,000. After prayer, got into centre within 2 days and cost waived! Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!
  • P.S. accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior via our Prayer-Line call.
  • Praise God, Tania has come on board to work in our office and help Rev. Mabley.


  • All glory to Almighty God! J.M.’s leg is totally healed from melanoma cancer. Amen! He is Rev. Mabley’s husband.
  • Thank you Jesus, lump on V.H.’s breast was successfully removed. Amen!
  • M.H. was without any pain after prayer on Sunday church service. Praise The Lord!


  • J.M. needed 16 needles shots in his leg to be healed more of melanoma cancer but after 6 shots, doctor said it looks ‘so good’, we will stop! Also the 3 week injections will be every 6 weeks. ‘Stand’ with us in faith ‘totally’ healed in Jesus Christ Name + Stripes. Amen!
  • Praise the Lord, Eternity Club is helping to feed up to 500 people per month on Hastings St. Vancouver downtown East side!
  • The ministry is beginning 12 step Christ centered support program to help many to cope better by God’s help with life!
    Is. 41:10 Amen!


  • P.G. reports he was in hospital with irregular heart heat! Hallelujah, Lord Jesus healed him!
  • Through our prayer-line: L.S. & S.D. dedicated their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Praise God in the midst of a pandemic, the ministry is ‘debt free’. Thanks to all who helped + most important
    Thank You Jesus!


  • Praise God, Pastor T. has fully recovered from heart surgery and back ministering with Rev. Mabley.
  • Hallelujah, L.C. reports NO cancer in tests!
  • Through our prayer via the prayer-line:- D.T. rededicated her life to Jesus – S.F. feels better from her sinuses.


  • Praise the Lord, M.H. said for the first time in months he slept through the night without horrific nightmares!
  • Wonderful testimony by Oly of the miracle healing of his leg.
  • A regular caller told us that her son has returned to the Lord and is completely turned around. She was grateful for our prayers.


  • Praise The Lord, K.C. reports healing of her heart concern.
  • M. had a nose bleed and with minutes of prayer, God healed her! Amen!
  • Praise God Jehovah Jireh for providing D.D. a new home.
  • Thank you Jesus for answering prayer. ICBC had paid for a sister’s chiropractor fees which she needed from a vehicle


  • Thank you Jesus! We are celebrating with Jasmine who reports that the Lord has answered her prayers for a new place to live. She will move in on February 20th and this is a huge gift from the Lord.
  • S. wrote to let us know that she had called in for prayer before her surgery. The Lord was with her through everything and she felt His presence.  Her healing and recovery are going very well and she is grateful for the prayers of Eternity Club Ministry.  All Glory to God!
  • A caller phoned in for her son’s medical challenges. The Lord has mercifully touched him and she says thank you.  Praise the Lord for the many that have been blessed and comforted.


  • Thank you Jesus! that 100% of the funds, resources, and volunteers came forth in order to make our Annual Christmas Dinner Outreach a brilliant success!  Thanks to all who were involved! Many stood for Christ to show their commitment to the Lord at this event.
  • All Glory to God! PG had irregular heart beat and was healed
  • Praise the Lord for the many that have been blessed and comforted thru our prayer line



The Fireball that Broke the Power of Darkness

On February 14 1982, Audrey Mabley prayed over me at the end of a Sunday service at the Four Square Church. She prayed like a fireball, breaking off the powers of darkness over me. And indeed I was very dark.

But I walked away feeling free, and later that night, alone in my room, I became born again. I was 18. I am now 55, and Jesus has been incredibly faithful, powerful, and loving.

Because of my radical experience, I have always needed to be where God Spirit is free to work. I bless Audrey, and pray a fresh anointing for her, and that she see it multiply around her like fire. God is moving in a new wave, it’s the wave of a deep river that’s here to stay.