God Wants His Army Whole

God wants His army whole, invincible, immovable, established in Christ’s Lordship, moving strong and winning souls.

To this end, many years ago we began Revival & Healing services.

Having prayed for decades for revival I felt it was well me to believe it is here.

This fall we will have a Revival & Healing service on the last Sunday of each month.

Eternity Club - God Wants His Army Whole

So many of God’s children are going through so much with life’s struggles and health concerns.

So many need reviving and healing. It is easy to see the way things are going that a great soul winning, full blown revival is needed. Amen.

I fully believe Christ came to heal as well as to save. It appears to me we need to ‘war in faith’ for the wholeness Christ has already attained for us.

How Do You War?

How do we war? By faith and God’s word! 1 Tim 6:12. Eternal life includes zoe, which is health and liberty. Our spirit gets wounded in life and needs restoring and renewing. Psalm 23:3, Eph 4:21-25.

We also need our minds renewed. Romans 12: 1-2. Christ formed in us is God’s heart for every Christian. We are indeed to go from strength to strength, faith to faith and glory to glory. God’s word says so in Psalms 84:7, Romans 1:17 and 2 Cor. 3:18.

This short word is written to encourage God’s children to persist to believe for wholeness; spirit, soul and body. 1 Thess 5:23. Please take to heart this testimony by Rev Audrey Lore, a Minister and deliverance teacher:

“I attended Audrey Mabley’s healing service today. It was absolutely fabulous; the love of God, fellowship of Holy Spirit, unity of all the people – like a glory cloud of sweetness. It was like Holy Spirit shook our very bones. The shofar was blown, praise and worship was so deep and uplifting. Prophetic words were spoken out and claimed. God was in our midst, giving us joy. It was a taste of heaven.”

Love and prayer
Rev. Audrey Mabley

Encouraging Words

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Eternity Club - God Wants His Army Whole