Eternity Club was born out of Evangelist, Rev. Audrey Mabley’s heart’s desire to share God’s Amazing Love, Hope and Healing Power with people after having experienced them first hand.

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Fellowship across Central Park, Burnaby

The Early Years
In spring of 1979, after months of earnest prayers, God gave Rev. Audrey Mabley a vision to start Eternity Club using the Community Center near her home. The ministry began with a weekly fellowship. The first meeting held on October 15th was attended by about 30 people.

The Fellowship
Within weeks of prayers, God answered Rev. Mabley requests and blessed the fellowship with pamphlets provided by Kingsway Foursquare Church and music by Joyful Sound, a Christian band who played for their weekly Monday fellowship. On Fridays, Coffee House Night featured Live Music. Saturday Film Nights were also added to the fellowship ministry.

Revival Healing Service
During the Club’s first year, 100 people encountered the Living God and received Christ as Lord! Lives were drastically changed. Drug addicts, alcoholics and criminals were delivered from their addictions and crimes. Injuries were healed. This marks the beginning of Eternity Club’s regular revival healing services.

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Launching the Radio Outreach Ministry

Radio and Television
In the mid 80s, with God’s blessings and on going support from donors who believe in spreading the message of love and hope, Eternity Club expanded its work to include radio outreach, and eventually television ministry in 2005, reaching audiences nationwide to present day.

Lives Changed
Eternity Club Ministries will enter its 35th year in ministry this October(2013)– touching lives of people from all walks of life. Many have experienced God’s saving grace and power working in their lives. READ THEIR STORIES.

Eternity Club Logo

The logo depicts:
The Cross – Where Jesus went to give His Life as a sacrifice for our sins
The Crown – The Crown of Glory is what believers will receive
The Dove – Represents the Holy Spirit
Heart – The Love of God.

The Team

Leading Eternity Club Ministries and Eternity Club Fellowship is Founder and Minister, Rev. Audrey Mabley and and a team of Faithful workers. READ REV. MABLEY’S STORY.


We are affiliated to:

  • Korean Church Ministries: Vancouver Jesus Agape Church and Zion Korean Church
  • The Independent Assemblies of God International (IAOGI)
  • Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers (CFCM)
  • Celebration Life Church with Pastor Gwen Dreger
  • Release Ministries lead by Rev. Lionel Batke
  • Horn of Oil Ministry lead by Rev. Bradley Dame

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